Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight Loss services offered in southwest, Houston, TX

Effective, sustainable weight loss is possible through an evidence-based, medical weight loss plan at Med Cure Clinic. At the Houston, Texas, practice, Deborah Yisa, FNP, PMHNP, APRN, RN, and her experienced team personalize your weight loss plan and can treat your weight-related health concerns simultaneously. Call Med Cure Clinic, schedule a visit online, or walk in for weight loss care today.

Weight Loss Q & A

What are weight loss services?

Weight loss services involve medical assistance to help you reduce your body fat. Having extra weight on your body can place stress on your cardiovascular system and lead to an array of possible health issues, but non-evidence-based weight loss tactics are often ineffective or downright unhealthy. 


You can rely on medical weight loss for evidence-based recommendations and support. Your personalized weight management plan at Med Cure Clinic might involve:


  • Dietary changes 
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Reducing alcohol intake
  • Appetite-suppressant medications
  • Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)


Your weight loss plan can also address conditions you already have that are related to your weight, such as diabetes or hypertension. The team develops your personalized program after reviewing your medical history and asking about your goals. 

What are the benefits of weight loss?


Losing weight in a healthy and controlled manner can give you multiple health and wellness benefits. It may improve conditions you already have or prevent some for which you’re at risk. 


Even moderate weight loss can lead to some major benefits. When you go through a personalized weight loss program at Med Cure Clinic, you can enjoy:


  • Lower risk of diabetes
  • Lower blood sugar
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Less stress on your heart
  • Less joint pain


You may experience additional benefits from adopting a healthier lifestyle, like more consistent sleep, higher self-esteem, or fewer symptoms of mood disorders like depression. 

How long does it take to reach my weight loss goals?


Effective weight loss shouldn’t focus on speed. Instead, you should focus on making steady, permanent changes to your diet and habits. Rapid weight loss often leads to rapid weight regain, but gradually approaching your goals is more likely to result in long-term weight management. 


Every patient is different and their weight loss journey will be unique, but the team at Med Cure Clinic can give you a rough idea of your weight loss time frame based on your goals and starting point. 


To learn how medical weight loss can get you sustainable results and better overall health, call Med Cure Clinic, schedule a visit online, or walk in today.