Home Visits

Home Visits

Home Visits services offered in southwest, Houston, TX

Home visits simplify your health care if you have limited mobility, chronic illnesses, or age-related conditions. Deborah Yisa, FNP, PMHNP, APRN, RN, and her caring team at Med Cure Clinic in Houston, Texas, offer home visits as an option for physical exams, acute or chronic care, and follow-ups. Call Med Cure Clinic or schedule a home visit online today.

Home Visits Q & A

What are home visits?

Home visits, or house calls, involve the Med Cure Clinic team going to your residence to provide medical care. They can evaluate you in the comfort of your home, administer treatment, or update your personalized care plan. 


Home visits may lead to a more accurate evaluation because you’re in a comfortable environment. Many people feel anxious going to the doctor’s office, which can lead to an elevated heart rate and blood pressure. While there are numerous reasons why you might need a home visit, this benefit applies to anyone. 


You can use home visits from time to time when you need them or rely on them if traveling to the office isn’t feasible for any reason. 

What happens during home visits?


Home visits can include many of the services you already get at Med Cure Clinic. The team can travel to you for:

Physical exams 


A routine physical exam reviews your health and wellness in its current state. Regular physicals allow you to track your health over time and identify health conditions in the early stages. 

Sick visits


When you’re not feeling well, a sick visit reviews your symptoms and may include diagnostic testing to identify and treat your illness. 

Chronic disease management


The team can evaluate the state of your chronic disease at your home or follow up with you about specific treatments. 

IV therapy


IV vitamin and ketamine therapies can happen in the comfort of your home. Vitamin therapy can treat nutrient deficiencies, while ketamine may help improve your mental health. 


The Med Cure Clinic team brings the necessary IV therapy equipment to you. 

Who can benefit from home visits?


Home visits can happen in your home, apartment, or a long-term care facility like a nursing home. House calls are especially beneficial for people who:


  • Are elderly
  • Are chronically ill
  • Have limited mobility
  • Lack transportation options


Having a home visit instead of an office visit allows you to avoid time in the waiting room. It can also cut transportation costs and help you avoid spreading or catching transmissible illnesses out in public, which is especially important if you’re immunocompromised. 


To learn more about the benefits of home visits, call Med Cure Clinic or schedule a visit online today.