About Deborah Yisa, FNP, PMHNP

Family Nurse Practitioner & Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner in southwest, Houston, TX

Deborah Yisa, FNP, PMHNP

About Deborah Yisa, FNP, PMHNP

Deborah Yisa, FNP, PMHNP, APRN, RN, is a family and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner at Med Cure Clinic in Houston, Texas. Deborah is proud to provide compassionate, holistic care to children and adults, addressing their physical and mental health needs. 

Deborah is a highly trained nurse in family medicine and mental health. She earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Spalding University and then went on to complete her master’s degree at Walden University. During her professional life, she worked in a variety of settings, including large hospitals like Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center (MH-TMC) and urgent care clinics. 

Her time as a nurse allowed her to develop the skills necessary to navigate a dynamic health care system and understand patient needs better. She opened her practice to offer her patients comprehensive care from one convenient place. Whether patients need in-office care or home visits, Deborah and her team are always happy to help. 

Deborah believes in helping her patients achieve total well-being. In order to keep up with the latest practices in patient care, she is a dedicated member of the Texas Nurse Practitioners, Houston Area Nurse Practitioners, and American Association of Nurse Practitioners.